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This blog is dedicated to Metal or Metal related music that was recorded during the 1980's. You will find bands from all over the world and as much as possible of Metal styles that was done during that era. You may find the more known bands and their releases, but also plenty of unknown and rare material.


The main goal of this blog is to spread the word about Metal music that was recorded, and we stress the word recorded, during the 1980's, many albums were finaly released after years and sometimes decades after it was recorded in the 80's.

This is meant to for the more experienced Metalhead who seeks for more material of a band or information, but also share knowledge within the blog. Not only the more seasoned Metalhead is welcome on the blog, but also the one who is starting the journey of getting the most wonderful music on Earth!


(1) Copyrights

We do not claim any copyright of the materials that are contained in this blog, this lies towards the bands, artists, and record companies. This even includes album art that were made by the posters on this blog to give a release a face when an official cover art is missing, or making a compilation. The copyrights are with the bands or record companies or their successors.

(2) Bragging Rights

Also we do not claim that any album that is posted on this blog was ripped by us, even in the instances they were ripped by us. We do not own the artistic work of the bands or artists. Thus the material offered here, were ripped by the posters, or found on the Internet through sharing sites like blogs, forums, news groups, or even given to us by bands. So, no bragging rights here.

(3) Sound Quality

The minimum sound quality in terms of bitrates is 128 kbps for all our MP3 posts. We can not guarantee that all of our posts are of high quality, this depends on how a ripper ripped his or her own recording or album. Even a 320 kbps is not a seal of approval for the sound quality, at times an old 128 kbps rip sound better then a recent 320 kbps rip. It is all about how it is ripped.

Team Boneyard Metal


Anonymous said...

THis is Neudi, drummer from Manilla Road. AS we have official reissues of both albums I ask you to take down this link. Also any other Manilla Road links. Thank you. I will check it later.

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Metal Greets Neudi and thank you for your comments. I put down all the official links of MR as you requested! Let me know if it is ok! Long live Manilla Road! Long live Epic Metal!

Lord Bones said...

Hi Neudi. Thanks for your commands! I have removed all Manilla Road posts. My apologies for any inconvenience. Again thanks for stopping by!

Neudi TheChannel said...

Thank you! I really like Blogs like this when you get access to rare albums and singles that are not available anymore. So keep up the great work you do! My only problem are links to available CDs, no problem with an old vinyl rip of something that was released as a remastered CD later.
Indeed I do something similar but only with songs and not full albums on youtube. Check out NeudiTheChannel. I did some remasters by myself.

Neudi TheChannel said...


andreas freisinger said...

Searching for Softeis "Never enough" 1997

ravenroxx1 said...

Awesome site.......I hope you can send me a link for the Highland Queen songs/cd

afsccf said...

What happened to the Blog? Is without posts to a time - I really like the Blog and I go almost every day to see the news - Here in Brazil many download in your Blog. he is very good. Hug and thanks for the bands that we love.

Anonymous said...

Good evening. Tsou Brazilian and I really like bands 80 and 90. Seeing that your blog is great! I'm so grateful for both downloads. But I ask two questions:
1. you could create a menu in the blog, like 80 torrent, 81 torrent, 82 torrent and ... would it be possible? So you could drop the years with the bands of the same year at a time, understand?
2. if not possible. How could I get all the albums of the '80s and' 90s via post mail?

I have a lot of things, in mp3, I could exchange via correspondence, you know?

Return to me ... my email: classicosdasantigas@gmail.com My name is: Henrique and I'm from Brazil.

Where are you from?

I do not know if you are understanding this text, it has been translated by google translator.

Come back and send me my list of discographies, collections and collections, okay?

I can get many records and demos of bands from all over Brazil