Dead Links

Greetings Metalheads,

Well as this page title says, here you can report the dead links on the blog. Overtime links can go dead due to that a link has not been download after a certain time, like Zippyshare who delete files automatically that has not been accessed for 30 days. Or that an author of a post has deleted the file  for some reason. Another reason is, and that happens alot, that a filesharing host just arbitrarily remove a file.

Mind you, sometimes a link may appear dead or that you a get are partial files, this can be due to bad connection between you and the file hosting service. In those cases, please try again later on and if still not working for you, then report it here.

What ever the case may be, please report dead links here and we will try our best to 'repair' the link as soon as possible. Updates on the repaired link will be announced on the right column, called 'Repaired Links'.

The Boneyard Metal Team.


Anonymous said...

Titanic (USA) - Then There Was Rock (1985)

Unknown said...

Unicorn (GER) - The Legend Returns (EP 1987)

Anonymous said...

heather leather (usa)we came to destroy (1985)