Monday, December 1, 2014

X-Mas Project (GER) - X-Mas Project (1986)

Artist : X-Mas Project
Country : Germany
Release : X-Mas Project
Year : 1986
Genre :Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


X-Mas Project is a power metal album released in 1985 by the band of the same name. It contains traditional Christmas songs, adapted for a heavy metal album.

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AchiLLeS Gr said...

Well i think this in not a band itself. Its a project with various German bands members. Something like a V/A - X-Mas project Comp.

Kammenos said...

Might be Achi... I just follwed the MA on this which lists it as a band: \m/

Lord Bones said...

Well MA is not always correct with its facts, like Wikipedia, it is all edited, added, maintained by 1000's people. So errors are bound to happen.

I will change this post to a VA