Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vio-Lence (USA) - Eternal Nightmare (1988) [Reissue]

[Disc 2]

1. Liquid Courage
2. Ageless Eyes
3. Calling The Corner
4. World In A World
5. Officer Nice
6. Subterfuge
7. Kill On Command
8. Phobophobia
9. Bodies On Bodies
10. I Profit
11. T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)
12. Paraplegic

Artist :       Vio-Lence
Country :     USA
Release :     Eternal Nightmare [Reissue]
Year :           1988
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 Vio-Lence are never gonna get that much recognition, as they were unabashed followers, but I say it's better to perfect an already existing genre than to innovate a mediocre one. No, Vio-Lence aren't one of the very best thrash bands around, but when it comes to just straight up, unrelenting thrash, they're about as good as it gets. Vio-lence defines speed metal during the late 80's into the early 90's.If you want to hear where it all started from, get this album and prepare to be ROCKED!!!!!!!!! In the archive I have included both the original release with sovers and the reissue edition featuring one bonus disc... \m/  

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