Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Salem (UK) - 1983 Demo (1983)

1. Rock Fever
2. Save The Night
3. The Other Side Of Hell
4. Hangman's Noose
5. The King Pt. III
6. Make The Grade
7. The Keeper Of The Keys Trilogy
8. Fighting For The Cause
9. Coming For You
10. Fool's Gold

Artist : Salem
Country : UK
Release : 1983 Demo
Year : 1983
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


Salem was founded in late 1979 by two former members from the Metal for Muthas stars Ethel The Frog - Paul Tognola (vocals/guitar) and Paul Conyers (drums). Ade Jenkinson was drafted as the bass player and the first band meeting with Paul Macnamara (lead guitar) was 2 January 1980 in The Red Lion pub in Anlaby, Hull.
After a period of song writing and rehearsal, Salem began gigging in Hull and district, and recorded the first demo in January 1981.
Salem continued to gig prolifically in the North of England with a hardcore of fans. They soon recorded another demo, for the first time capturing the fans' favourite The Keeper of the Keys. This raw session caught the passion of the live performances.
Salem won a battle of the bands at Huddersfield Polytechnic, following which they recorded the last demo at September Sound, Huddersfield, in March 1983, which demonstrated the maturing song writing of the band. Although a number of record companies expressed an interest in the music, the band imploded and played their last, sell-out gig in Hull on 31 May 1983.

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