Wednesday, June 3, 2015

220 Volt (SWE) - Mind Over Muscle (1985) [Reissue]

Artist : 220 Volt
Country : Sweden
Release : Mind Over Muscle [Reissue]
Year : 1985
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


A Euro-metal masterpiece, 220 VOLT's third album "Mind Over Muscle" released in Feb. 1985 on CBS may NEVER be officially released on CD. I don't know if the band owns the rights and CBS may not relinquish them without asking for an outrageous payment. So as for CD releases, we only have the Metal Rendezvous releases of 220 VOLT's second album "Power Games" and third album "Mind Over Muscle". Thankfully the self-titled debut is available as an official Epic/CBS Records Japanese import (albeit quite pricey). I wish I could have bought officially released CD versions of "Power Games" and "Mind Over Muscle" from the band, but sadly these unofficial (semi-bootleg) Metal Rendezvous versions are all that's available and my LPs are VERY worn out. As far as the sound quality of these CDs, it is very good. It doesn't sound like they were taken off of vinyl. They must have been transferred from some tape source. It's such a bummer because Sweden's 220 VOLT are truly one of the greatest European metal bands of all-time and they deserve proper releases. Until then though, either buy the orig. vinyl or grit your teeth and enjoy the unofficial but well made Metal Rendezvous releases.

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