Sunday, January 17, 2016

Argus (MKD) - Sveti Zborovi (1989)

Argus - Sveti Zborovi

Band Info:

Country: Former Yugoslavia, now Republic of Macedonia
Location: Skopje
Formed: 1988
Style(s): Heavy Metal
Status: Split Up

Release Info:

Type: Demo
Carrier: Cassette
Recording Year: 1989
Release Year: 1989
Release Style: Heavy Metal
Label: Self Released

Release Line Up:

Simeon Spirovski Moni - Bass
Sasho Dimitrovski - Guitars
Vladimir Zhakov - Vocals, guitar
Marko Sholakovski - Drums


01 - Sveti Zborovi (Holy Word)
02 - 1999
03 - Imperija Na Temniot Raj (Empire Of The Dark Paradise)
04 - Vizantija (Byzantia)
05 - Demon
06 - Odmazda (Revenge)
07 - Zivotot E Se (Argus Is Born)


This release was shared to us by Metalmaven, thks!!!

The band is originally from the former Yugoslavia, now their home base (Skopje) is located in modern day Macedonia.

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 kbps
File Size: 40 MB
Host site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!



AchiLLeS Gr said...

Real Macedonia is Hellenic. Just saying.... :-)

Anonymous said...

The country is called F.Y.R.O.M officially. Check it out. You can't just call it "Macedonia".

Anonymous said...

There is no country Macedonia except the Greek Macedonia, read some history please

Lord Bones said...

I have changed it to Republic of Macedonia. Also it is not about history but about the current situation. See: I am aware of the dispute of the name.

Anonymous said...

FORMER Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia