Friday, December 9, 2016

Assassin (USA-CA) - Assassin (1984-1985)

Band : Assassin
Country : USA-San Diego, California
Release : Assassin
Year : 1984-1985
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps
Download : ][ ][

Vinnie Cavarra - Guitar
John Osmon - Bass
Leroy Vega - Drums
Pete Papps - Vocals
Thom Beebe - Guitar

1.Treason 03:43  
2. Angel 03:24  
3. Nuance Le Dancer 07:24  
4. Backstabber 04:22  
5. Tower 04:09  
6. Triangle 04:10  
7. Setback 02:59  
8. No Way 03:16  
9. All Your Love 04:01


Anonymous said...

thanks for the share. I just to Treason. It is pretty good. I will listen to the rest and hope it as good or better.

Keep rocking! The 1980s-1990s was a great time for metal bands. There were so many metal bands in every regional metro area. And those bands got empowered within that scene. So much music was recorded yet so much never made it to cassette. LP, CD or CD-R.

I love the site\. I have a cassette that i Want to share. Spellbound from Long BRanch New Jersey. The singer loved Dio, Queensryche singer

Lord Bones said...

@ Anonymous: Thanks for your kind words! Please share the cassette you have! Merry XMas