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Hi all there Metalheads!

This page is dedicated to releases we are searching for. If you find or have something that we are looking for, and you are willing to share it, then please make a comment to this post. Your help will be most appreciated.

 The Boneyard Metal Team.

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The List

Cracked Mirror (UK) Cracked Mirror (1983) [Full Length] -reissue OK-

Deuce (UK) - Backs to the Wall (1986) [EP]

Elixir (UK) - Demo 1983 (1983) [Demo]
Elixir (UK) - Demo 1989 (1989) [Demo]

Harrier (UK) - Out in the Street (1984) [EP]
Harter Attack (USA) - Salt in the Wound (1987) [Single]

Living Death (GER) - Promo (Demo) 1985
Lone Wolf (UK) - Cash For Candy (1980) [Single]

Mad Dog (UK) - Sheriff/You are a Beautiful Sight (1984) [Single]
Mädel Fang (USA) - She's Alright (1987) [EP]
Mädel Fang (USA) - She's Alright (1988) [Demo]
Metal Savate (FRA) - Sorcellerie (1989) [Demo]
Money (UK) - Fast World (1980) [EP]
Mystery Blue (FRA) - Demo (1983) [Demo]

Repression (GER) - Demo 1984 (Demo) 1984
Repression (GER) - Repression-Live (Live album) 1997
Revenge (NLD) Prisoner (1986) [Demo]
Revenge (NLD) Wild Nights (1989) [Single]

Seventh Seal (NLD) - Baptized By Fire (Full Length) 2012
Steel Crown (ITA) Live In The Phantom City (1984) [Compilation]
Stone Vengeance - To Kill Evil (1986) [Demo]

Torment (USA-IL) - Revenge 1990

U8 (AUT) - Touch of Fire (2013) [Compilation]

Vulcain (FRA) - Apr 21, 1984 Live at Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione, Paris (1984) [Bootleg]
Vulcain (FRA) - Feb 3, 1985 Live at Forum des Halles, Paris (1985) [Bootleg]

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bronson gaerlan said...

I'm looking for Salem UK's 2nd full length release, Darkest Days. Thanks!