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If you have something that was recorded in the 1980's, that is Metal related, and want to share with us, please do it here.


Metalmaven said...

Excalibur (Cze) - http://www.ulozto.cz/xeyqm4M/excalibur-plzen-life-story-rar

Metalmaven said...

Arakain - Nesmíš to vzdát . Listed as 1987. http://uloz.to/xqhQ4dd/1986-demo-nesmis-to-vzdat-rar

Metalmaven said...

Joe Hasselvander - https://disk.yandex.com/public/?hash=puG7IAWfdds4PgT8hJptyIHKg8U2EIQXR99P9jveJiQ%3D

Metalmaven said...

Diskant - http://uloz.to/xkhuhuuS/diskant-1982-1986-7z#download

Mazz-XT said...

Ginn : One Man Army LP was an independent release (1986) by Oz rock musician Scott Ginn.
Two previously unreleased clips:
Money can't change your mind
One hand held high

Metalmaven said...

Kern - http://uloz.to/xegLw7r9/kern-1985-dema-1984-5-rar

Metalmaven said...

The Ratriderz - Out Of The Night (1980) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v699yj_EIWI

Lord Bones said...

@ Savo Cabarkapa: Many many thanks for the shares you placed here, as you can see they have been posted on the main page.

Savo Cabarkapa said...

No bro,thank you for sharing all this amazing music.I ll try to get some more links but only if its ok with you guys.I ll do my best in searchin for some good sounding music.Best of luck.

Savo Cabarkapa said...

DISCIPLINA KIČME seventh album from 1990.


This is one of the greatest bands is Serbia,wherever you wanted to drink a beer,there were posters of this band.Later they went to UK to get some more money but they returned empty pocket.Another link to same album:

Savo Cabarkapa said...

"Istina" is the sixth studio album by RIBLJA ČORBA. The album is considered by fans and critics alike to be one of Riblja Čorba's finest works, as well as the band's triumphant comeback after the unsuccessful album "Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju". "Istina" is also significant as the band's first album recorded with guitarists Vidoja Božinović and Nikola Čuturilo, the two joining the band after the departure of Rajko Kojić and Momčilo Bajagić. The album was recorded during the winter 1984–1985. It was recorded by Goran Vejvoda and produced by John McCoy. After Riblja Čorba's record label Jugoton refused to release the songs "Snage opozicije", "Pogledaj dom svoj, anđele", "Alo", and "Dvorska budala" because of the provocative political-related lyrics, the band signed back with Jugoton's main competitor PGP-RTB. Nevertheless, the song "Snage opozicije" was not released on the album, and it only saw the light of day some thirteen years later on the 1997 compilation album "Treći srpski ustanak". The track "Disko mišić" featured Goran Bregović, leader of Riblja Čorba's biggest rivals at the time, Bijelo Dugme, on vocals (Đorđević previously made a guest appearance on Bijelo Dugme's 1984 self-titled album, singing with Bregović in the song "Pediculis Pubis"). (from wikipedia)



Savo Cabarkapa said...

BIJELO DUGME - Eto! Baš hoću! (1977)


"Eto! Baš hoću!" is the third studio album released by Yugoslav rock band BIJELO DUGME. Album continues Bijelo dugme's early folkish hard rock style, although it is on this album that Goran Bregović began to react to changing trends in rock music (both internationally and domestically) by slowly shedding the band's heavy metal and progressive rock leanings in favor of a more soft rock, consequently paving the way for the band's eventual shifting into 1980s New Wave. Still, "Eto! Baš hoću!" is acknowledged as Bijelo dugme's last, true hard rock album from the early period, together with the 1977 live album "Koncert kod Hajdučke česme".

Savo Cabarkapa said...

SMAK - Satelit (1976) Double Single


Origin Kragujevac, Serbia
Genre hard rock,blues rock
Years active 1971 – 1981
1986 – 1992
1994 – 2002
2010 – present
Labels PGP-RTB

Savo Cabarkapa said...

DIVLJE JAGODE - Stakleni hotel (1981)
DIVLJE JAGODE second album from 1981.


Savo Cabarkapa said...

Great band from U.s.a
Whiplash - Power and pain 1986

01 - Stage Dive.mp3
02 - Red Bomb.mp3
03 - Last Man Alive.mp3
04 - Message In Blood.mp3
05 - War Monger.mp3
06 - Power Thrashing Death.mp3
07 - Stirring The Cauldron.mp3
08 - Spit On Your Grave.mp3
09 - Nailed To The Cross.mp3


Origin Passaic, New Jersey, United States

Thrash metal Speed metal

Years active

1984–1990 1995–1999 2007–present


Roadrunner Massacre Pulverised

Members Tony Portaro
David Delong
Tony Scaglione

Savo Cabarkapa said...


Tracklist:01-Istina Masina(Truth Machine)
02-Pjesma no.3(Song no.3)
03-Hegedupa Upa(Hegedupa Upa)
04-Da li znas da te volim(Do you know that i love you)
05-Kralj alkohola(King of alchohole)
06-Za koji zivot treba da se rodim(For what life i have to be borned)
Dado Topić, the key figure of the band, left KORNI GRUPA in mid-1971, moved to Zagreb and with help from Vladimir Mihaljek formed TIME. The original line-up consisted of Dado Topić-vocals, Tihomir Pop Asanović-organ, Vedran Božić-guitar, Mario Mavrin-bass, Ratko Divjak-drums and Brane Lambert Živković-piano, flute. The eponymous debut album was released in summer 1972, ranking among the very first LP records of rock music issued in Yugoslavia at the time. The initial edition was issued in 500 copies only, because the record company did not expect any commercial success. However, this album proved its value in the decades to come and it was re-issued several times thereafter. The original line-up split in January 1973 after several personnel changes. In 1974 Topic spent some time in prison due to avoiding military service and there he wrote most of the material for the second album.

Savo Cabarkapa said...

Time II-1975
Style:Progressive rock,blues rock


01-Divlje guske(Wild Goosees)
02-Balada o 2000(Balade of 2000)
03-Da li znas da te volim(Dont you know that i love you)
04-Alfa Romeo GTA(Alfa Romeo GTA)
05-Dok ja i moj mis sviramo jazz(While me and my mouse playing jazz)
06-Zivjeti slobodno(To live free)
Carrier:vinyl-3 songs per each side(sorry for that and for my bad English)
Status:Split but Dado Topic is still active musician

Savo Cabarkapa said...

Origin :Zurich, Switzerland
Genres :Thrash metal, progressive metal, experimental metal
Years active: 1983–1996 2010–present
Members: Diego Rapacchietti, Ron Brode, Tommy Vetterli


Savo Cabarkapa said...

This is by far best UFOs album released 1974 and its named Phenomenon


Also,it is the first album with a newcomer from Germany,the one and only Michael Schenker.
Origin:London, England
Genres:Hard rock,heavy metal
Years active:1969–83 1984–89 1992–present
Associated acts :Lone Star, Michael Schenker Group, Fastway, Waysted, The Plot, Chicken Shack, Spread Eagle, Scorpions
Line up:Phil Mogg,Andy Parker,Paul Raymond,Vinnie Moore,Rob De Luca

Guillermo said...

Can you make a torrent with all the records? that will be awesome

United/band said...

United "subconscious endeavor " ep
Matt ulricksen-vocals
Donny brunk-guitars
Matt Gonzales-bass
Joel Pershing-drums
Recorded 1988
Released 2016
Power metal in the vein of early Queensryche/Iron Maiden

United/band said...

United "subconscious endeavor " Ep
Recorded 1988
Released 10/19/2016
In the vein of early Queensryche/Iron https://m.facebook.com/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CRQvdDDhzI

Metalmaven said...


Metalmaven said...

Stingray - https://uloz.to/!zRg2DrN8NoMv/stingray-operation-stingray-1981-rar

Metalmaven said...

Krayz - https://yadi.sk/mail/?hash=GuJv0xNSJRuXz7LCLXyZjb3D89KpjdImEgaO3xXEmCQ%3D

Metalmaven said...

Wyvern Attack - https://my.zikinf.com/wyvernattack

Mela Pela said...

HAILS, LORD BONES...!!!! surprisingly, a friend of mine was able to request from "somewhere" I dunno where, a supposedly direct vinyl rip from the METAL CHURCH 1984- LP. + the "Big Guns" bonus track that I talked to you about on a previous comment..... well, it sounds good to me, I mean it is at @320, and it does have the bonus track, and it seems, by the level of sound, that the extra track wasn´t just "unoficcialy added" to it, like any one may do... the only suspicios thing that I detect, is that it does NOT have the vinyl scratch sound.... seeng that it was supposedly recorded straight from the vinyl, I found it suspicios that it does not show proof pf the presence of a direct vinyl in the recordisng....

...bu then again, I must also remember, that the track also appeared on the cassette version of the album.... so that could be the case.... or maybe it was pressed unto a certain issue of a CD that I dunno about, therefore the lack of vinyl scratch...

...so I can not give any for certain warranties on the legitimacy of the recording, who knows, but in the menawhile, I thought that it would be a good idea to share the link with you and any one else who may want to examine it.... so HAILS to you and BONEYARD METAL, and here is the link, it was uploaded unto MEGA (...not by me...) and it´s got NO password:



..................DARKEST HAILS.......

Metalmaven said...

Excalibur - https://uloz.to/!4dQiUXHU8/excalibur-demo-1986-88-rar

milovan said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPETDS4KO0k Cry Wolf - Crunch the end of 1980 the beginning of 1990.