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Exxplorer (USA) - Symphonies Of Steel (1985) [2002 reissue]

2002 Reissue cover

Original cover

Black Dragon cover

Metal Blade cover

Exxplorer - Symphonies Of Steel [2002 reissue]

Band Info:

Country: USA
Location: Keansburg, NJ
Formed: 1982
Style(s): Power Metal
Status: Active

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: Vinyl (orig.), CD (reissue)
Recording Years: 1985, 2000 (tracks 11-14)
Release Year: 1985, 2002 (reissue)
Release Style: Power Metal
Label: HHH Records (orig.), Heavy Metal Heroes (reissue)

Release Line Up:

Lennie "Big Daddy" Rizzo - Vocals (tracks 01-10)
Jim Abbiati - Vocals (tracks 11-14)
Kevin "Koncrete" Kennedy - Guitars
Ed LaVolpe - Guitars
Jimmy "G." Gardner - Bass, Demented Vocals
Mike Moyer - Drums


01 - City Streets
02 - Prelusion
03 - Run For Tomorrow
04 - Exxplorer
05 - World War III
06 - Going To Hell
07 - Guilty As Charged
08 - Phantasmagoria
09 - Metal Detectors
10 - X-Termination
11 - The Magic Hills [bonus track]
12 - Man From Nowhere [bonus track]
13 - The Cycle [bonus track]
14 - You Made Me Live [bonus track]


This album went through a couple of reissue's and with that different cover arts. Besides being privatly released through HHH Records, it was released by Black Dragon, and Metal Blade. Also there is a bootleg by Reborn Classics floating around.

But the reissue posted here, is the only one that has bonus tracks. Those tracks were recorded in 2000 with Jim Abbiati on vocals. Also to note that tracks 07 and 08 used to be one track called "Objection Overrulled" on the original release.

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Host site: Rapidshare
File Size: 62 MB
Link: Get It Here!


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