Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Touched (UK) - Death Row (1986)

Touched - Death Row

Band Info:

Country: UK
Location: Lancaster, Lancashire
Formed: 1983
Style(s): NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
Status: Split Up

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: Vinyl
Recording Year: 1986
Release Year: 1986
Release Style: NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
Label: Ebony Records

Release Line Up:

Ronnie Wolstenholme - Vocals
John Hull - Guitars
Mark Caffrey - Bass
Martin Schofield - Drums


Steve Reid - Keyboards


01 - Power Point
02 - Night Attacker
03 - Moving On
04 - When I Call your Name
05 - Back Alley Vices
06 - Night of the Halloween
07 - Street Cred
08 - Through the Night
09 - Death Row

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File Size: 58 MB
Host site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!

Bitrate : 256 Kbps
Link by AchiLLeS][ Mega ][



Anonymous said...

thanks for upload but its skipping very badly on every track and is unlistenable. Any chance of a better re-up....thanks.

Lord Bones said...

I am sorry about a bad one, but I don't have a better one :) Maybe someone else can help us ...

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Try the 256 kbps link i just posted.

Lord Bones said...

Thanks for helping out!

Anonymous said...

No better unfortunately, it's the actual LP skipping not the upload....Thanks anyway Achilles Gr.

Lord Bones said...

Darn :( Sorry we couldn't help you now, but don't give up hope!