Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mercyful Fate (DNK) - Curse Of The Pharaohs (1983)


1. Curse Of The Pharaohs (Alternate Mix)
2. Return Of The Vampire (Outtake)
3. A Corpse Without Soul (Remake)
4. Burning The Cross (Outtake)
5. Walking Back To Hell (Outtake)
6. Running Free (Danger Zone Demo 1981)
7. Black Masses (Alternate Take With Different Lyrics)
8. Hard Rocker (Demo 1981)
9. Combat Zone (Rehearsal)
10. Love Criminals (Rehearsal)
11. M.D.A. (Demo 1981)

Artist : Mercyful Fate
Country : Denmark
Release : Curse Of The Pharaohs
Year : 1983
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 192 
Download :  Get It Here


Very rare bootleg demo including outtake and rehearsals. Distributed mostly among die-hard Fate fans & traders. Posted in my personal blog: and also in this fantastic blog right here for all to enjoy...
I urge people to start uploading and share their stuff...cause there is no mp3s/CDs/vinyls/hard disks in the afterlife brothers...So, to sum up...
Share or fucking die you leechers... \m/


Anonymous said...

Can you please repost this? Thanl you!

Anonymous said...

Yes Please repost this link. it would be killer.

Anonymous said...

seems like another great boot

thanx man you rule

have a problem to unrar the house of satan you send me
is their a rar direct file possible

keep up the good work

Kammenos said...

Mail is sent.
The files are disguised to look like .gifs or. jpgs.
Simply download the file to your PC and then double click the program you use for zip files and then drag and drop the file in it...!!!

horjus29 said...


you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

have this on vinyl, great gem, thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said... I have it on vinyl and would love a download thanks.

JULIOART said...

Pls !!!!! tks!!

Mario Rivera said...

.....eagerly awaiting this "curse of the pharaohs" gem.... will be checking periodically until it´s posted, I hope you´re able to upload soon.... darkest most hatefull regards Darth/Lord Bones.....