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Various Artists (SWE) - Metal Knights (1985)

Various Artists - Metal Knights

Country: Sweden
Year: 1985
Style: Heavy Metal
Carrier: Vinyl
Label: Stormbringer Records


01 - HIGHLIGHT - Pilgrim
02 - CRIME - Battlefield
03 - EXIST - Time For A Solution
04 - RUBYCON - Out Of The Night
05 - ACT - Christian Crusaders
06 - KILLERHAWK - Wish Me Well
07 - NEPTUNE - Enemies
08 - ORIONS SWORD - Atomic War
09 - STORMBRINGER - Voodoo Night
10 - SHYLOCK - The Chosen One


As you can understand from its title this is a compilation of 80’s Swedish Metal bands.
But don’t expect “known” names like HEAVY LOAD, PROUD, PARASITE, GOTHAM CITY etc. the 10 bands included here are totally unknown and have released only demo tapes.
“The Resurgence of Swedish Steel 1983-1985” is the perfect example of how all compilation albums should be made.
The LP contains an 8-page insert (!!!) with information and photos for all bands plus a map of Sweden where we can where each band was located.
The album contains the following bands with one song each: HIGHLIGHT-“Pilgrim”, CRIME-“Battlefield”, EXIST-“Time for a Solution”, RUBYCON-“Out of the Night”, ACT-“Christian Crusaders”, KILLERHAWK-‘Wish me well”, NEPTUNE-“Enemies”, STORMBRINGER-“Voodoo Night”, ORIONS SWORD-“Atomic War” and SHYLOCK-“The Chosen One”.
Not all the songs are great but no song can be considered a filler one.
For me the best songs in this LP are RUBYCON-“Out of the Night”, NEPTUNE-“Enemies” (their bass player was also in GOTHAM CITY), ORIONS SWORD-“Atomic War” and SHYLOCK-“The Chosen One.
For those into Swedish Metal (and not only) this is ideal.
This release was limited to 500 copies.

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