Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Queensryche (USA) - The Warning (1984) [Remastered]


Artist :       Queensryche
Country :     USA
Release :     The Warning [Remastered]
Year :           1984
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320
Download :   Get It Here


 “Warning” surprises us by starting with the slow, marching title track, at a time when a fast opener was the rule. The somewhat weak production, which isn’t that heavier than, let’s say, the one in Priest’s “Killing Machine”, is striking, but soon enough the band’s weapons take over; twin guitar leads that bring the duet Tipton/Downing to mind, as performed best in “En Force”; Maiden-esque galloping rhythms and glorious choruses as heard in “Before the Storm”; above all, they are lucky enough to have found a very skilled and talented vocalist in Geoff Tate, whose voice follows Halford in terms of range and Dickinson in terms of complexity and creativity.


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