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Seducer (NLD) - Seducer (1983)

Seducer - Seducer

Band Info:

Country: Netherlands
Location: Amsterdam, North Holland
Formed: 1981
Style(s): Heavy Metal
Status: Split Up

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: Vinyl
Recording Year: 1983
Release Year: 1983
Release Style:Heavy Metal
Label: Universe Records

Release Line Up:

Thijs Hamealers - Vocals & Guitar
Frans Phillipus - Vocals & Guitar
Erik Karremann - Guitar
Eppie Munting - Bass
Jan Koster - Drums


01 - Why Do You Run So Fast?
02 - One Night Stand
03 - I Can't Stand It
04 - God Bless Rock'n'Roll
05 - The Heist
06 - Hey Little Girl
07 - Stowaway Lover
08 - R.O.C.K.
09 - I Love 69 (Bonus Track From "Dutch Steel" Compilation Album)
10 - Torcher (Bonus Track From "Dutch Steel" Compilation Album)


SEDUCER were a five piece Heavy Rock/Metal band formed in Amsterdam, Holland in 1981.
They made their vinyl debut on the Universe Records split album "Holland Heavy Metal Vol.1 : Live In Brouwershoeck", which they shared with SAD IRON in 1982. This in turn led to the band recording this, their full length self titled debut album in 1983, also for the Universe label.
1984 saw the band contribute two further songs, ("I Love 69" & "Torcher"), to the compilation album "Dutch Steel". These two songs are included here as bonus tracks.
This was to be the band's final stand, as they split and went their separate ways soon after.
Guitarist Erik Karremann and drummer Jan Koster joined Rotterdam band HIGHWAY CHILE in 1984, straight after SEDUCER's split.
They recorded a Mini LP and two full length albums with the band. After Highway Chile split in 1990, Koster went on to join STRANGERS AT A WEDDING, before moving on to form Hard/Glam Rock act SLEEZE BEEZ. With Sleeze Beez, Koster recorded four studio albums and a live lp before they too broke up in 1996. Koster then founded the Punky Hard Rock band JETLAND with two of his former Beez band mates.

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