Friday, February 20, 2015

Mournblade (UK) - Live Fast, Die Young (1989)

1. If You Can't Be Good
2. Red Hot Reputation
3. Paradise
4. Desdemona
5. Burning Ambition
6. American Dream
7. The Nearer The Bone (The Sweeter The Meat)
8. Crash 'N' Burn
9. Off The Rails

Artist : Mournblade
Country : UK
Release : Live Fast, Die Young
Year : 1989
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 224


The album that defined the more raw, direct rock n roll “MK2 Sound”.

Download : Get It Here


Adrian SOS said...

Hey Kam, sorry for posting my comment here instead of doing it on your blog, but I don't have any Google or blogger accounts so I'm unable to. I'll leave my e-adress here so you can send me the link if it's okay with you; otherwise, tell me which of the sites you request for posting in your blog is the "safest", and I'll create an account there. Hope I'm not pissing you off by doing this.

Cheers, and thanks a lot for the quick post!

Kammenos said...

Google is the safest on earth... lol
Mail sent though..