Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Viva (GER) - Born To Rock (1980)

01. Fire
02. Hard Rock Lover
03. What I Need
04. Darkness
05. No Hopeless Dream
06. Blue Jeans Forever
07. Viva
08. Dark Eyes
09. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
10. City Of Love

Artist : Viva
Country : Germany
Release : Born To Rock
Year : 1980
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Many know that Rudy Schenker (longtime Scorpions guitarist) and Michael Schenker ( UFO, Michael Schenker Group, and on a few occasions, Scorpions as well) are brothers. Fewer know that the pair has a sister, Barbara, also involved in metal. She was and is the songwriter, keyboardist, and leader of Viva, a German band that achieved some success in the early eighties, making them one of the older metal bands from that country (though her brother's group Scorpions were far older). Style-wise, as heard on 1981's What The Hell Is Going On, Viva was firmly rooted in early 80's rock/metal. The band has released five albums, but Schenker was only a part of the first three, as she had departed before 1984's Apocalypse and was not a part of the odd Andy Fach-led version of the band that recorded the obscure Cream Cake Box in 1996. Eventually Schenker and vocalist Marc Paganini from the old days decided there was still some live in the band, and they put together a new lineup in 2007.

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