Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vicious Rumors (USA) - Digital Dictator (1988) [Japan Edition]

Artist : Vicious Rumors
Country : USA
Release : Digital Dictator [Japan Edition]
Year : 1988
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


Vicious Rumors were one of the top underground metal bands of the late 80's, having made two critically acclaimed albums for Shrapnel before moving on to Atlantic. Shrapnel's release of the Digital Dictator CD in a deluxe digi-pak cover, marks the first time that this music has been available on CD as a domestic issue. Over 20 years old, Digital Dictator has a legion of fans who have waited years for a chance to get this aggressive metal music in a legitimate CD.

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Painkiller said...

Great album, and my all-time favorite by Vicious Rumors. Carl Albert had an amazing voice that could only be outmatched by few vocalists in USPM.

Alejandro Savage said...

Please send me this album !! Greetings

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Christian Richardson said...

Send me this masterpeice please!

Harry Garred said...

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