Friday, August 30, 2013

Holland (UK) - Early Warning (1984)

Holland - Early Warning

Band Info:

Country: UK
Location: Middlesbrough, England
Formed: 1982
Style(s): NWOBHM
Status: Changed Name

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: Vinyl
Recording Year: 1984
Release Year: 1984
Release Style: NWOBHM
Label: Ebony Records

Release Line Up:

Marty "Doggy" Wilkinson - Vocals
Bob Henman - Guitars
Kenny Nicholson - Guitars
Graeme Hutchinson - Bass
Marty Day - Drums


01 - Shout It Out
02 - Second Time Casualty
03 - Break Out the Booze
04 - Early Warning
05 - Do It
06 - I Need
07 - Kicking Back
08 - No Chance
09 - Liar


After the recording of their LP, the band was forced to change its name to Hammer after a Canadian band also called Holland (having proof it had the name first) threatened to sue them. Under this new name, they recorded their second album "Contract with Hell".

Download Info:

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Bitrate: 192 kbps
File Size: 47 MB
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