Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sepultura (Brazil) - Schizophrenia (1987) [Remastered]



Artist :       Sepultura
Country :     Brazil
Release :     Schizophrenia [Remastered]
Year :           1987
Genre :       Thrash Metal
File Type :   mp3 320
Download : Get It Here

 Schizophrenia is much more polished than their debut album both production wise and songwriting wise. Well, all I’ve heard was the re-mastered version so I can’t comment on the production of the original, but the re-master maintains a very raw sound and the riffs are fairly clear. As for the songwriting, it’s a definite step up. Morbid Visions had a very unpolished and dark tone which is still present in Schizophrenia, except Sepultura added a layer of depth to it. Songs like “Inquisition Symphony” and “The Abyss” show that Sepultura doesn’t want to be thrown into the ‘generic thrash’ group. “Inquisition Symphony” begins with an ominous atmospheric sound before adding in an acoustic guitar. This sets a dark tone for the rest of the song and also leaves you into a false sense of security until the thrashing begins. “The Abyss” essentially is nothing more than an intro to the album closer, but again it shows that Sepultura isn’t just a one-trick-pony; they’re perfectly capable of adding depth to their music. 


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