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Desperado (USA) - Bloodied But Unbowed (1996)

Desperado - Bloodied But Unbowed

Band Info:

Country: USA
Location: N/A
Formed: 1988
Style(s): Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Status: Split Up

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: CD
Recording Year: 1988
Release Year: 1996
Release Style: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Destroyer Records

Release Line Up:

Dee Snider - Vocals
Bernie Tormé - Guitars
Marc Russell - Bass
Clive Burr (R.I.P. 2013) - Drums


01 - Hang 'em High
02 - Gone Bad
03 - The Maverick
04 - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
05 - Calling for You
06 - See You At Sunrise
07 - There's No Angels Here
08 - Made for Trouble
09 - Ride Thru the Storm
10 - Son of a Gun
11 - Emaheeva
12 - Easy Action
13 - Heart of Saturday Night


One of the many project Dee Snider did after the split up of Twisted Sister, and this was right after. As you can see from the band list, it is a supergroup of sorts. This album, and the only one, was recorded in 1988, but due to disagreements between the band and the record company (Elektra) the album was never released until 1996 by Destroyer Records. Later in 2006 it was reissued under the different name of Ace and the track 13 was ommited.

Download Info:

Format: MP3
File Size: 57 MB
Host site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!


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