Friday, November 7, 2014

Lazarus Sin (USA) - Intracranial Mass (1988)

1. Blood For Mercy
2. Apothecaries Measure
3. 7734
4. The Son Of The Jackal
5. Author Of Sorrow
6. Monument
7. Out Of The Box

Artist : Lazarus Sin
Country : USA
Release : Intracranial Mass
Year : 1988
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 224


Lazarus Sin, (later known as just Lazarus) from Eugene, Oregon, a town i frequented as a child and i have to say i haven't known many metal bands to be from that town (i think YOB are from the general area). Another thing about this band is that they appear to be christian, or that is their main lyrical theme typically, and anyone that truly knows me knows that i am opposed to all forms of christianity and avoid its vile stench at all times. Having said that, the epic heavy metal found within this album is just too good, in that Trouble/Incubus way that makes me turn my head long enough to enjoy a few listens. Fans of early Queensryche and Trouble should find this fairly pleasing.

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