Friday, November 21, 2014

Riot (USA) - Restless Breed (1982) [Japan Edition]

Artist : Riot
Country : USA
Release : Restless Breed [Japan Edition]
Year : 1982
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


Riot's 4th release with a change in vocals doesnt miss a beat ! This is a rocking album and a heavy metal attack! Its just incredible that such greatness was denied us by our American record companies at the time, who were simply being lead in various different dirrections at the time. American style heavy metal was just not a priority during the period, and so much good stuff just got left out. Riot was truly a great band and should have been better promoted here in the states. Given that opporuntity I believe that they would have more than held their own up against any of the new wave british heavy metal bands and ( forgive me for saying this because I do love the glam big hair genre) held off the changing music scene.

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linda godines said...

riot is verygood group

Shane said...

A very underrated band, luckily they had much more recognition here in the UK, and in Japan.
Although the Rhett Forrester lineup is probably my least favourite riot period, you cannot deny the talent in the band.

Neon Knight said...

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Thanks again. Cheers!

recently enjoyed "HM": Riot, Zuul, Holocaust, Scarab, Gotham City