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Metallica (USA) - The $5.98 [EP] - Garage Days Re-Revisited (1987)

Artist : Metallica
Country : USA
Release : The $5.98 [EP] - Garage Days Re-Revisited [Japan Edition]
Year : 1987
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


The $5.98 EP: The Garage Days Re-Revisited' is a killer Metallica album. Minus the album status, of course. These 5 songs feature Metallica at their heaviest, and it's really cool to hear them tackle everything from The Misfits to Diamond Head on this record.

Track listing:

1. Helpless (originally recorded by Diamond Head)-A good song originally, but Metallica just rocks it here. It has a very garage band sound mixed with the Black Sabbath-'70s metal style combined. A great cover.

2. The Small Hours (originally recorded by Holocaust)-Again, a very good song, but Metallica makes it even better. The song is a slower song, but it is just as heavy as anything else they did. James' vocals are very passionate, and Lars' drum beat is amazing. A must listen if you are a Metallica fan.

3. The Wait (originally recorded by Killing Joke)-One of Metallica's best songs period. This is miles better than the Killing Joke version, and once again, Metallica succeeds in making this song their own. Another must listen for a Metallica fan.

4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery (originally recorded by Budgie)-This record has a garageband sound to it that no other Metallica song has. This is an essential song from Metallica; Lars' drumming on this song is superb. It's not one of his standout pieces by no means, nor is it one of the band's, but it's a must-listen.

5. Last Caress/Green Hell (originally recorded by The Misfits)-And Metallica closes the record out in style. The whole band rocks out on this one, which carries a very garage sound as well. Essential for the Metallica fan to listen to.

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