Saturday, September 26, 2015

Metallica (USA) - ...And Justice For All (1988) [Japan Edition]

Artist : Metallica
Country : USA
Release : ...And Justice For All [Japan Edition]
Year : 1988
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


After an extended layoff period and a classic `covers' ep, Metallica returned with a vengeance on AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. All the anger and sadness they held in on the death of bassist Cliff Burton was unleashed on the record buying public. The album is full of seething vocals and complex chord and tempo changes, with melody at its centre. Lars Ulrich (drummer) and Kirk Hammet (lead guitar) have never played better. Unfortunately for new boy bassist Jason Newsted, the house producer Fleming Rasmussen buries his contributions way into the mix, so it sometimes sounds like he's absent. However, this complaint aside, if you wish to hear some truly angry heavy metal way before `Rage Against The Machine' raised its collective voice in protest, check out the true rage and beauty of this release.

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