Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kreator (GER) - Terrible Certainty/Out Of The Dark... Into The Light (1987) [Remastered]

Artist :       Kreator
Country :     Germany
Release :     Terrible Certainty/Out Of The Dark... Into The Light [Remastered]
Year :           1987
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 After destroying eardrums worldwide with Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill, Kreator unleashed Terrible Certainity, a record which quite possibly is Germany's quintessential thrashterpiece. All elements are represented here... chaotic drumming, precise riffage, apocalyptic lyrics and Mille's razorblade vocal delivery... not to mention great cover art and excellent songwriting.
Much more refined and smoothed over than previous releases, Terrible Certainity still remains caustic, with songs like Storming With Menace and the title track thrashing hard enough to rip any wayward metalhead a new one. The fretwork is technical without being pretentious and every song is a keeper.  

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