Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pantera (USA) - Projects In The Jungle (1984)

Artist : Pantera
Country : USA
Release : Projects In The Jungle
Year : 1984
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Just about every metal fan knows the name Pantera. The Texas-based band was a huge metal presence in the `90s. In a decade when metal's popularity was in decline, the heavy, thrashing Pantera became almost a household name. What's less well-known is that the band had been active since the early `80s, recording a series of albums in the glam/hair metal style before releasing their 1990 breakthrough Cowboys From Hell.
Originally released in 1984, Projects in the Jungle was the band's second album. Like 1983's Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle is essentially a glam metal album. The young band was clearly influenced by KISS, as well as some of the flashier L.A. bands. They sound a bit like Keel and King Kobra here. If you're a glam metal fan, this is actually a pretty good album. The songs are cheesy, but the guitar work is pretty sweet and the production is worlds better than the debut. Terry Glaze's high-pitched wailing takes some getting used to, though. Like all the early Pantera albums, Projects in the Jungle has some very cheesy, very amateur cover artwork.

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