Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holy Moses (GER) - Queen Of Siam/Walpurgisnight (1986) [Remastered]

Artist :       Holy Moses
Country :     Germany
Release :     Queen Of Siam/Walpurgisnight [Remastered]
Year :           1986
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 To a generation of young misguided hesher pups, basically anyone who started listening to heavy metal in the 90s, Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow is the ultimate female extreme metal vocalist, but those of us who are a little older and know better will always contend that the title will always belong to Holy Moses' Sabina Classen.
In the mid 80s, heavy metal, and especially thrash, was an undisputed boys club with a "no girls allowed" sign in the front door. True, there were a few female musicians operating within the metal realm like Lita Ford, Doro Pesch, Ann Boylen, Betty Weiss, Dawn Crosby and the Girschool chicks, but they were mostly dismissed as either curiosities or talentless hacks coasting on their sex appeal. Sure, things haven't changed that much in the last two and a half decades, and I'm not really sure that the fact that contemporary headbangers watching some semi hot chick fronting a band are more likely to react with boring sighs rather than eye-rolling derision or downright hostility is a real improvement, but still, the fact that this band's singer was a girl might just be the only compelling reason to claim that Holy Moses were even mildly relevant to heavy metal's history.
Holy Moses rose from the same German thrash scene that spawned bands like Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction, and despite being a strong band on their own right, the truth is that without the gimmick of having a great looking gal that sounded like a thrash gruffer at the mike they would've probably got lost in the shuffle with similar sounding bands such as Exumer, Assassin, Accuser, Iron Angel or Despair.  

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Mario Rivera said...

Hails again Lord Bones, just wondering when will this masterpiece be officially posted, or if a link will be sent.. you have my e-mail address already...I keep finding this monumental masterpieces on your site (s) I dunno how many you´re responsible for, but any ways, I hope to be able to pick this one up sooon too, I´ll keep checking.... thanks, and KILLL!!!!

Lord Bones said...

@ Mario:

I don't have this one myself, I will see what I can do for you.

Lord Bones said...

@ Mario: Well, you may have noticed it, the album has been posted again but now with a "direct" download link as usual :). Well the majority of posts are done by my, the ones with the email thingy are/were done by Kammenos. Some of the albums he posted I have myself as well, but in the case of Holy Moses I had to go and find it so that I can post it.

Rest me to say ENJOY!