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Stampij (NLD) - Radio Show July 29 1981 (1981)

Program Info:

Program: Stampij
Radio Station: KRO
Channel: Hilversum 3
Frequency: FM 444 m, 675 kHz
Country: Netherlands
Coverage: National
Broadcast Date: 29 July 1981


01 - Grim Reaper - The Reaper (With vocalist Paul DeMercado)
02 - Y & T - Hurricane
03 - Holocaust - Death or Glory
04 - Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (live)
05 - Medusa - Heartburn
06 - The Rods - Music Man
07 - Ocean - Rock n Roll
08 - Bitches Sin - Strangers On The Shore
09 - Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
10 - UFO - Let It Roll
11 - Rose Tattoo - Rock n Roll Outlaw
12 - Feather - Here With Me
13 - Quartz - Street Fighting Lady (cut off)


Stampij (English translation is Stampede) was a radio show in the early eighties on the Dutch Radio provided by the KRO radio station which was a Catholic station!!! Broadcast-ed only once a week on Wednesdays between 05:00 pm and 06:00 pm. It was hosted by Hanneke Kappen, who at one time was the front woman of the Hard Rock band 'White Honey'. 'The Rods' covered their song "Nothing Going on In The City". As being the DJ of the show she was immortalized in the song "Hanneka" by 'Bitches Sin' on their album "Predator".

This particular show was broadcast-ed on 29 July 1981.

On a side note: Hanneke had on that day a guy (Frits) in the studio who brought in the compilation album 'Heavy Metal Heroes' and according to Frits this comp was not even out in the UK. And it was already broadcast-ed in Holland!

Thanks to Renske for additional info!!

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 kbps
File Size: 20 MB
Host Site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!



Anonymous said...

Here is information about track 12:
That is the australian band Feather.
The track is called "Here with Me".
It is from the album "Live at Parramatta Jail" from 1978.
Took me some time to find it myself :)
Grtz, Renske

Lord Bones said...

@ Renske:That's awesome, thank you so much for providing the information! That's what I am talking about... Metalheads helping each other. BTW Renske, ben je een Nederlander? Ik ben een Nederlander, geboren en getogen in Leiden :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ik ben ook Nederlander! Uit Haarlem (hometown of Sword). Misschien ken je mijn band van vroeger ook: Brutal Obscenity. Snelle reactie he maar toevallig keek ik hier weer eens.
Groet, Renske!