Sunday, September 14, 2014

Witchfynde (UK) - Give 'Em Hell (1980) [Reissue]

Artist : Witchfynde
Country : UK
Release : Give 'Em Hell [Reissue]
Year : 1980
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


A really marvellous NWOBHM record, not the "Black Metal" that the cover might suggest but a mix of really good heavy rock, tongue in cheek songs and some cracking guitar work.

Download :  Get It Here


Carlos said...

Mario Rivera said...

When trying to download give em hell - reissue, it directs me to a page asking for my e-mail address and it instructs me to place it in the comments space but there appears to be none on that page, so I´m using this one.

e-mail address is:

please send link to download, thanks, hail.....

Mario Rivera said...

hey man, when are you planning on sending that link you said you were going to send?????or is it jus a whole bunch of fucking BULLSHIT???? why don´t you talk straight???? DO YOU SEND THE LINK YES OR NO??? Don´t be making me waste my mother fucking time, what da fuck man, what´s the fucking problem????

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Message to all : YOU MUST CLICK "Download : Get it Here" bottom on the post and go to Kammenos blog. Ask for the download here and not there in this blog.

Lord Bones said...

@ Achilles: For this post I went to Kammenos site and I couldn't find the comment section. To be honest it is a bit confusing to get a download.

@ Mario Rivera: Please refrain your language!! There is no need to use this kind of language to get something done. To be honest you may get the opposite reaction from me. However, I will try to make this post a normal download, so you may get it the end.

Lord Bones said...

@ Mario Rivera: Ok, as you may noticed, I have placed a new post for a normal download. I just found my own CD, ripped it and uploaded it. So, in the new post for this album you can now download the album in a normal way.

Next time you encounter a problem, please be civil about it.

Now download it and enjoy the music.

Julio Devastador said...

Mario Rivera said...

Sorry bro. now i feel really stupid on what I said, at some point I thouht I was writting to a dead page or something, never thought someone actually was REALLY there... It was just the frustration of not being able to to download such masterpiece right away, that on top of having a stupidly slow computer and the shittiest internet service, and having TONS of shit on lists pending to download...all of that just resulted in explosion, but of course those are NOT your problems, so I am TRULY sorry and do sincerely apologize to you for having written disrespectful words in your comment section.... After all, I have downloaded so many killer albums from your blogs, that when I thought about it later, I knew I had done wrong... All the albums I have been easily able to download from your blogs, are just incredible, and make my downloads collection absolutely POWEFULL and AMAZING.... I never had so many albums when I used to physically collect them back in the 70´s 80´s....Now it´s just fuckin crazy...Anyways, my apologies to you once again, and YES thatnks a million for the Witchfynde download, it is working GREAT now, and you did record it directly from your disc.... that´s just incredible!!!! you have some MASTERPIECES!!!! THANK YOU MAN, YOU FUCKIN KILL!!!!

Roberto Corrêa Scienza said...

Witchfynde - Give 'Em Hell

Could you send this by e-mail?