Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Y Diawled (UK) - Noson Y Blaidd (1983)

Y Diawled - Noson Y Blaidd

Band Info:

Country: UK
Location: Crymych, Wales
Formed: N/A
Style(s): NWOBHM
Status: Split Up

Release Info:

Type: Single
Carrier: Vinyl
Recording Year: 1983
Release Year: 1983
Release Style: NWOBHM
Label: Fflach

Release Line Up:

Rhiannon Tomos - Vocals
Aled Davies - Guitars
Geraint Williams - Guitars
Carwyn Davies - Bass
Paul Philips - Drums


01 - Noson y Blaidd
02 - Dewch Gyda Ni


This band is a bit unique within the NWOBHM. The lyrics are all in their native Welsh language.

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 160 kbps
File Size: 9 MB
Host site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing this unique album here!

A bit of nitpicking though: while "Noson y Blaidd" (Night of the Wolf) is indeed sung in Welsh, Welsh is not a Gaelic language. Welsh (along with Cornish and Breton) belongs to a separate group of languages, called Brythonic, which is quite different from Gaelic. Both the Brythonic and the Gaelic languages are Celtic languages, but they are far from mutually intelligible.

Lord Bones said...

Hello, who ever you are. Thank you for the nitpicking. You are correct on the language difference. Normally I am a bit picky about giving the correct information in a post, apparently I just cut and paste the wrong info. But it has been corrected by stating "The lyrics are all in their native Welsh language."

Again thanks